Therapy Tuesday (Episode 8) - Men and Depression

A podcast for people looking to have conversations about mental health from a feminist perspective.

In this episode, we discuss men's depression- what the symptoms can look like, and how men need to develop safer spaces for themselves and unlearn the violence they have internalized towards themselves and the people around them. Conditioned to perform to societal standards of masculinity, men are rarely taught to get in touch with their feelings with authenticity. Feelings are framed as a "feminine" burden and anything feminine is associated with vulnerability which is perceived as a threat to masculinity. Reaching out for support, ranting about their day, admitting that something is upsetting them are not normalised. This lifetime of emotional stuntedness worsens isolation and increases shame around their mental health concerns. As a result, the burden of the emotional labour is placed on those around them, most often women. While it is important to hold men accountable for their actions, we also need to address the larger sociological systems that have caused these symptoms in the first place.