Joining Hand

A platform to connect people and experts

Smashboard gives you a dynamic digital community of people brought together through the spirit of feminism. It is a space where we connect and engage with one another to seek and/or offer support.

News and analysis

We bring news to your feed through a feminist lens- from your favourite feminist publications (both global and local). Look out for our original content as well: articles, podcasts, videos and live shows.

Searching Women
Solving Women

Unique tools

While we at Smashboard wish that you never have to encounter a painful and traumatic period of crisis, we work as your digital ally to make certain tasks easier for survivors and their allies.

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    From the feminist lens - both global and local.

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    A repository of community questions and answers you can add to. Topics related to gender, relationships, sexuality and more.

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    Map for those looking for good feminist vibes wherever they go and useful addresses for survivors.

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    Communication, ID & Privacy

    Encrypted messaging


    No data harvesting

    No location tracking

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    Collection of material that can serve as a journal or as time-stamped evidence in an encrypted personal space.

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    Legal Match

    A space where users can easily find and interact with legal counsellors or lawyers privately

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    Journalists Connect

    Easy access to feminist journalists who are sensitive to survivors’ stories. An option to leave anonymous tips

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    Psychological Support

    A hub and database of mental health experts and crowdsourced hotlines.

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    The risk of patriarchal violence is mutualised with the Smashboard community. Insurance would be provided to subscribers in times of crisis.