Therapy Tuesday (Episode 7) - Unpacking the Complexities of Grief

A podcast for people looking to have conversations about mental health from a feminist perspective.

Losing a loved on to the pandemic, job loss, leaving your home, the breaking of a relationship—any of these could cause grief to a person. Grief is a very natural response to loss. It is complicated and sees varied feeling responses and looks different for everyone. There is profound sadness, debilitating anger, shock, guilt and a myriad of unexpected emotions. But we often police and filter our emotional experience with 'shoulds' and 'musts' when the truth is that there is no linear process to grief. It's an individual experience and can look different for the same person with each loss. Demonizing and labeling emotions under the binary of positive and negative emotions increases the risk of internalized shame and rarely helps with processing the emotion itself. In this episode, we unpack the complexities of grief- its cyclical nature, the myths around it, the grieving process, and the importance of prioritizing ourselves in the face of loss.