Therapy Tuesday (Episode 4) - How do our bodies respond to mental health concerns?

A podcast for people looking to have conversations about mental health from a feminist perspective.

In this episode we will be talking about the connection between our emotions and our body, so a lot about the physiological health implications of psychological symptoms, They're also called somatic symptoms of mental health concerns or psychosomatic concerns, Feeling responses start first in our bodies. We walk on the street and someone honks too loudly and our heart races, we're in the middle of our texting conversation and we start smiling without realising that we're smiling, our hands get sweaty before an important meeting or our faces gets scorching hot in the middle of an argument. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us. Numerous studies have shown that our emotional systems prepare us for the challenges we could meet in our environment. They do this by adjusting the activation of our cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neuroendocrine and autonomic nervous system. Remember that song that instantly makes you miss someone and you experience butterflies in your stomach? Something like that could be excitement. So now that we know that our bodies have a way of communicating with us, it's important for us to think about how specific triggers may manifest in somatic symptoms and why.