Therapy Tuesday (Episode 3) - Postpartum Depression

A podcast for people looking to have conversations about mental health from a feminist perspective.

This episode is particularly useful for young mothers, people planning parenthood, and those around them. We will be talking about postpartum depression and anxiety.

The pressure on new mothers to be perfect and nothing but happy is unimaginable and often prevents them from seeking help for postpartum depression by inducing guilt. The deeply problematic trend of putting motherhood on a pedestal prevents mothers from speaking about valid health concerns, attaching stigma to the process of seeking help. Along with biological reasons, people might be prone to postpartum depression and anxiety due to their social locations and related mental health issues as well.

Listen to this episode to understand what postpartum depression is, how to recognise the symptoms, the risk factors, and what support and healing can look like.

ABOUT YOUR PODCAST HOST: Ruchita Chandrashekar is a behavioural health researcher and trauma therapist. You can follow her on Twitter @roocheetah