Therapy Tuesday (Episode 1) - Suicide and Suicidality

A feminist podcast to unpack, contextualise, and understand what it’s like to live with psychological health issues.

Topics discussed in this podcast maybe triggering for some people. 

We talk about suicide and suicidality in this episode and try to find answers to some of these vexed questions: When someone opens up about their pain and vulnerabilities to you, what are they really looking for?  When factors like institutional discrimination lead to mental health issues, how can we break the stigma? How have the pandemic and the lockdown contributed to stress factors? What has the recent suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput highlighted? Do messages saying, “My DMs are open” really help those considering suicide? What are the more effective ways of supporting people who need help? How can you create a safe space for someone’s pain to exist? And what can you do if you are experiencing suicidal ideation? 

ABOUT YOUR PODCAST HOST: Ruchita Chandrashekar is a behavioural health researcher and trauma therapist. You can follow her on Twitter @roocheetah