The Healing Podcast (Episode 2) - Processing Emotions

What is good and bad about emotions is how we engage with them and how we process and manage them. Adeola offers some relaxing techniques.

Extract: In a fast paced, reactionary and goal oriented world, we are asked to either to shut off some of our emotional parts or we are called to not engage and not interact with what we feel. And one thing I know for sure and one thing a lot of other healers will tell you is, the joy and place of life lies in knowing how to process your emotions, how to manage them and how to live with them and how to create a space of integral knowledge from how you feel and how the situations around you make you feel. 


Host Adeola Naomi is a Nigerian-Greek feminist who is passionate about holistic healing. The founder of ‘Distinguished Diva’ a platform for underrepresented women of African descent in the global media, Adeola has a Masters of Science in Public Health from Birmingham City University. She has worked as a radio producer, program facilitator, model, fashion editor and creative director for various European institutions.